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D900 S Curve


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Product Description

 Model: D900-S-CR

Featuring an integrated digital driver and pure glass optics, the slimline D900 S Curve is 90% more compact than standard surface mounted LED luminaires.

With a pure aluminium uni body engineered for passive thermal control, the D900 S Curve eliminates the need for cutouts and holes in insulation. As a result, surface mounted LED’s require 50% less energy than standard recessed lights.

In addition to boosting home energy ratings through increased thermal efficiency, the embodied energy of the D900 S Curve has been totally offset, making it a carbon neutral design.

The D900 S Curve luminaire is easily attached to its junction plate using a 3-pin, twist-lock mounting system.



  • 920 lumens from just 12W!
  • Tru-Colour 95 CRI
  • Dimmable
  • Easy to install
  • 7 year warranty!

Available in:

  • White fascia
  • Black fascia

Colour Temperature:

  • Warm white 3000K
  • Neutral white 4000K

Beam Angle:

  • 25 deg beam
  • 40 deg beam


  • Trailing edge dimming
  • Universal dimming


D900 S Curve Data Sheet

Additional Information

Weight 1060 g
Colour Temperature

3000K, 4000K

Beam Angle

25 Deg, 40 Deg

Fascia Colour

White, Black


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