The LumiSheet LED panel is the world’s first LED integrated edge-lit light panel delivering homogenous illumination. Revolutionary in its design, a significant advantage of LumiSheet is its patented design and production of the Light Guide Plate (LGP) which enables the LED strips to be embedded within it, accompanied by an integrated heat sink thermal management system maximising the LED life span.

Discover an innovative solution for backlighting applications with the slim 8mm profile eliminating the need for creating a bulky light box to achieve an even surface of illumination. The creative design enables an endless array of possibilities for frameless edge-lit LED light panels such as architectural lighting, interior design, retail lighting, signage & display, exhibitions & events, corporate environment, creative use and more.

Features & Benefits of LumiSheet

Slim Design: Only 8mm Profile
Long Lifetime: More than 50,000hrs/11years at 12 hrs/day
Low Power Consumption & Cost Saving: Consumes 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamps and up to 30% less energy than CCFL
Eco-Friendly Product: Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials
Water Resistant: Available in IP65 rating
Sizes & Shapes: Can be made into any shape and size up to 3000mm x 1500mm


Part of what makes LumiSheet such a desirable product is its ability to be completely customisable to its purpose. Not only in size but shape, colour and more. Lumisheet can be cut to form letters, uneven polygons, circular, curved or other complex formations.

Due to the LED’s being embedded in the sheet the limitations are minimised giving the user complete freedom of design. Combined with the premium range of LED’s which offer complete colour customisation.

LumiSheet. Simple. Advanced. Beautiful.